Exterminators in Fresno, CA

Pest infestation at your home or workplace doesn’t have to be a disaster – but it can be if you don’t take speedy action. Pests aren’t just implicated in the spread of disease, they can cause serious structural and infrastructural damage, and can even cause fires that destroy whole buildings. Are we exaggerating? No, we are not!

Insect Problems: Name Yours!

Termites cause serious structural damage; cockroaches are yukky and get your business closed down if you deal with food; ants get into everything you don’t want them in; fleas leave painful, itchy bites and breed like crazy. Whatever your insect problems, we have the pest management solution.

Rodents Out!

You won’t believe what harm rodents can do if left to their own devices. They NEED to gnaw at things all the time, and the things they gnaw when they’re living in your space are definitely not meant for itchy rodent teeth! Then there are the smells: have you ever had a dead rodent decomposing heaven-knows-where? The list of inconveniences they cause is a long one, but the solution is simple! Call your exterminators in Fresno, California

Our Customized Service

We’re not just here to kill, remove, or repel the pests that are troubling you. We also make keeping your home or business pest-free for as long as possible part of our mission. How do they get into your space? What attracts them? Our full pest inspection services and professional pest control has you covered.

Our Fresno Pest Control Services

Our pest inspection service is sure to uncover all the sneaky places where pests may hide. If you saw one, we can easily find dozens or hundreds! Now we know what we’re dealing with, it’s time for the next step.

Quality pest control means dealing with your problem and helping you with strategies that will keep your building pest-free.

Once we have presented our plan to you, we are ready or you to give us the go-ahead. Prepare for a pest-free life – you won’t look back!

Our Professionalism is Your Guarantee

Have you ever sprayed cockroaches in your kitchen only to find they’re back next day? That’s because you’re dealing with the symptom, not the cause. We know our pests. We know what they eat, where they live, and how they breed. That helps us to give you lasting and effective control.

Fresno pest control services are only a phone call away. Instead of fretting about your pest problems, get the best pest control service in your local area and relax!

Being a certified pest controller means knowing all the best and safest solutions to pest problems. Sometimes, we can use organic and natural methods, at others, we must use chemicals, but we’re trained to apply them in such a way that you’re ensured of personal and environmental safety. Plus, it’s more affordable than you might have expected.

Are you ready for pest-free living? Call us today!

Top-Rated Fresno Exterminators & Termite Inspectors

We’re proud of our reputation as top-rated Pest control Fresno CA company. We’ve become the go-to solution for residential and commercial pest control services. We achieved that, not only through our expertise, but also through our outstanding client service and lasting results. Our recipe for success consists of honesty, reliability, and the best pest control methods.

Our pest control prices are reasonable, and we’ll be happy to respond to any questions you may have related to our pest control methods and pricing. Of course, you are welcome to ask others for estimates, but as you know, the price is only one aspect to consider when evaluating a quote. To help you, let’s look at all the things you should consider.

How To Choose A Pest Management Company

Rather than just go for the nearest and cheapest Fresno pest control company, you should consider the following points:

  1. Price matters. Begin by getting quotes from local pest control companies.
  2. Study the quotes and ask any questions that may arise.
  3. What is the company’s reputation like? Have previous clients been satisfied? You’re sure to find evidence either on or offline if they haven’t been!
  4. Do you get any follow-ups or guarantees? What happens if you aren’t satisfied with the company’s efforts?
  5. VERY important: are all operatives fully trained, certified and insured? Safe pest control begins with an informed and professional service provider.
  6. What’s in the small print? Does this company stand by its quote, or can it change prices without notice?
  7. If you are embarking on a building service contract in the longer term, what are your commitments, and what will you get in return?

We offer these services:
• Pest control – Residential
• Pest control – Commercial
• Bed Bug control
• Bird control
• Carpenter ant control
• General ant control
• Tick & flea control
• Floor & drain cleaning
• Fly control
• Mosquito control
• Odor control
• Rodent and wildlife control
• Stinging insects control (e.g. wasps)
• Scorpion control
• Termite inspection & control
• Termite bait & monitoring services
• Dry wood termite control
• Subterranean termite removal
• Fumigation services
• Insulation installation
• Rat Control
• Spider control
• Bee & wasp removal
• Roach control and extermination

Common pests in Fresno, California


Ants have a complex social system with their queen at its head. Whenever more workers are needed, she just produces them. To get on top of ant problems, you need only find the queen, but where could she be hiding? Our methods ensure that the whole nest dies! There will be no replacement workers.

Bed Bugs

Before you set fire to every soft furnishing in your home to get rid of the bed bugs, chill out! Call us and let us take a look at the problem. Bed bugs are hard to control, but it’s not impossible. We’ll get those nasties out of your home without setting fire to anything!

Bees, wasps, and hornets

When it comes to bees, we aren’t exterminators. Bees are precious and necessary to life on earth. Naturally, you don’t want them being precious in your roof or right at your front door. Bee removal is an art, and we have mastered it.

Wasps and hornets get rougher treatment. We dispose of them effectively without hordes of angry, stinging insects getting a chance to defend their nests.


Summertime and the mosquitoes are humming. Are they attacking you in squadrons? There could be an easy solution to your problem. Interestingly, it may even be a natural one. A common bacterium can be used to wipe out populations where they breed. At worst, we can help you to keep them out of your home. At best, we can tackle the problem at its source.


Need we even mention roaches? They love living with us, but it’s impossible to reciprocate. If you thought you knew all the disgusting things there are to know about roaches, think again! The most disturbing thing is their ability to hide and their propensity for breeding in thousands. End the cycle now.

Ticks and fleas

Pets are great companions, but if you miss a beat with tick and flea control, you can end up with carpets and flooring alive with biting insects. They swarm to the attack, especially if you’ve been away for a while and they’ve been waiting for a blood meal. Stop being dinner and get the upper hand. One fumigation is all it takes. Do it the safe way and choose professionals to do it.

Spiders and scorpions are scary

Are you terrified of spiders and scorpions? Perhaps you’re finding rather too many of them around the place for your peace of mind. Why not get a full pest inspection that also looks at your arachnid problem?


If there’s one pest that you should have preventative pest control in place for, it’s termites. Signs of termites are subtle at first, but soon the nature and extent of the damage they do becomes apparent. Wooden roof beams, floor boards, and other structural items such as skirting can take serious damage. We’ll exterminate termites and make sure they don’t return with a termite barrier they’ll never cross.

Rats and mice

Rats and even mice can be unbelievably destructive. Forget your favorite cartoon heroes. You really don’t want rodents sharing your living or work space! Commercial rodent baits are highly toxic, and rodents soon learn to avoid them. Get effective control today.

Crickets, lawn caterpillars, fire-ants, pigeons: if it’s bugging you, talk to us

Whatever the pest that troubles you most, we will work to resolve your issues. Whether you live in a cottage or are managing an extensive complex, we have the capacity to provide you with the best pest control service in Fresno, CA. Struggling with cricket infested lawns? Pigeons fouling your rooftop? Professional advice is at your fingertips.

Pest prevention is better than cure

A lot of companies measure their success on how often customers return to them. Well, we measure ours on how seldom they do so! Our goal is not only to control the pest problem you currently have, but we also to provide you with advice on how to keep those pests from returning.

You also need to know what you are getting when you purchase a new property. Imagine spending your life savings on a new house only to find that you must still spend thousands on rectifying termite or rodent damage! If we find serious issues, you can make your purchase conditional on the necessary repairs – instead of only discovering there’s a problem later on.

Who can pest control contractors help?

We assist clients with pest control services regardless of whether their contract is large or small. From apartments to apartment complexes and from corner stores to massive warehouses, our operatives are on the move ensuring gold-standard pest control for all. If you need pest control in Fresno, CA, you’ve just found the solution you need!

Our clients include:

• Hospitality and food supply industries where pest-free environments are a matter of business survival.
• Complexes and apartment buildings where high-density living attracts pests by the thousand – unless we intervene.
• Industries that need clean, safe work environments and where expensive equipment must be protected from pest damage.
• Office buildings where the sight of a single insect could ruin the professional image. That’s apart from the damage that pests can do to vital stored documentation.
• Shops where proprietors need to provide a hygienic and welcoming shopping experience.

Whether you want preventative treatment or a combination of prevention and extermination services, we are ready to meet your needs. Make us your first defense against pests. When you contact us, the battle is as good as won. Our in-house specialists are on your case, and you can relax. Contact us right away. Quality pest control is within your reach.